Recommit to the Promise You Made to Your Spouse When You Said “I Do!”

Your marriage can be strengthened and renewed through this free online course.

FamilyLife hopes this will be an opportunity to both celebrate and invest in your marriage and family. Our prayer is that your marriage will be made stronger than ever and that you will come to realize that the promise you made to each other—whether it was days, weeks, or years ago—has an eternal impact on the generations to come.

Your marriage matters.

The words “I do” were easy to say when you stood at the altar, surrounded by friends and family. Today, the words “I still do” have a lot more meaning because of the real struggles, real pain, and real loss you’ve shared as a couple.

We’re here to encourage and equip you to fulfill the most important promise two human beings can ever make to each other.

We hope that this will be a fun, romantic, growing experience for you and your spouse. God has a plan to help you navigate through your marital journey, a plan that will make saying “I still do” a hopeful, redeeming, joyful practice for every day you have together.

Enjoy I Still Do, and remember: Your marriage is worth it!

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