Learn a Biblical Perspective on Discipline

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As a parent, you are the number one influence on your children in every area of their life. For many parents and stepparents, discipline is one of the number one things they struggle with- do we spank or not spank our children? What methods of discipline work… and what methods may cause problems later in life?

The best way to learn is from other parents who have applied timeless principles to the highs and lows of disciplining their children. FamilyLife’s Art of Parenting™ on Discipline does just that. It gives you a simple vision and creative ways to apply your faith with your children in the ways you discipline in your home.

This Online Course Offers:

  • High-impact videos rooted in the reliable word of God
  • Activities, questions and printables on the topic of discipline
  • Bonus materials addressing a variety of parenting stages, specific parenting challenges, and marital help
  • Topics: types of discipline, to spank or not to spank, and why discipline matters.

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