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Anger is an emotion that is common and present in every marriage. And it’s not whether we will get angry or have conflict in our marriage or with our spouse, but what we do with it that matters.

Do you find yourself struggling with this?

We want to help you experience marriage to the fullest- the way God intended it to be and learn how to handle conflict in a biblical way.

That’s why we’ve been gathering biblically-based marriage advice for over 40 years to help you grow closer to one another through healthy conflict resolution, intentional conversations, and wise counsel.

We want to share some of the lessons we’ve learned that are essential to resolving conflict in marriage in 4 short, practical, and easy-to-digest videos, that you can access for FREE!

In this free online course, you’ll learn:

  • The biggest enemies of your marriage
  • The root of conflict and how to resolve it well
  • What causes a natural drift toward isolation in marriage
  • How to develop healthy spiritual habits in your marriage
  • and more!

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